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 Our Favourite People


Buck Brannaman

Buck Brannaman is a true cowboy and horseman. He inspires, motivates and teaches through principles of respect, partnership and trust rather than anger, fear and intimidation. Buck started working with horses at the age of 12, getting kicked, bitten and run over in the process of learning what makes them tick. A real life "horse whisperer", he eschews the violence of his upbringing and teaches people to communicate with their horses through leadership and sensitivity, not punishment.

Mark Rashid

Mark Rashid Horse Training. Mark is an internationally acclaimed horse trainer known for his ability to understand the horse's point-of-view and solve difficult problems with communication rather than force.


Chris Irwin

Chris' evolutionary methodology - learning to think horse, speak horse and play horse games by horse rules to be the better horse - teaches people how to develop a deep bond between themselves and their horse. 


Stacy Westfall

Stacy Westfall is renowned for her bridleless and bareback reining performances. Her horse training methods focus on clear and precise communication between rider and horse. In 2006, Stacy won the prestigious Road To The Horses colt starting competition.


Pete Ramey

Pete Ramey is the guru of natural hoof care and hoof rehab. He has helped hundreds of horses to recover from hoof problems that would otherwisw have sent them off to the meat packers.


Champion Horse Blankets

They donated some horse blankets to Heart's Haven Ranch. You can order online by clicking their name above.



The best online store on the planet


Electrobraid Horse Fencing

We replaced our previous electric fence with the Electrobraid product, and have been very satisfied.  Maintenance has decreased - we haven't had to replace a single insulator or mend a broken wire since we installed it in 2013.