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Mission Statement:



Stuart & Roxy Wright

(403) 752-0057



55055 Hwy 844, Raymond, Alberta

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We deliver Horsemanship For Your Soul.  
Our Vision:  
We see each of our students as a unique individual, with distinct needs, and treat them as such. We encourage lifelong learning among our staff, volunteers and clients, not only about horses, but about themselves.  Our facilitators and instructors provide instructive, nurturing and safe experiences that bring together the human and equine worlds, both physical and spiritual. We believe that such experiences can aid all creatures involved in positive development of body, mind and spirit.  



"Horses change lives.  They give our young people confidence and self-esteem.  They provide peace and tranquility to troubled souls - they give us hope."




 Areas of Practice


We are an internationally recognized center for personal and professional development providing seminars, workshops and private consultations on leadership, team building, and social intelligence.


EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) is a powerful technique to relieve stress, bring you into balance and transform your life. A wide variety of international institutions (including Harvard Medical School and Lund University in Sweden) that have, in independent research, found EFT to be effective, are one indication of the breadth of clinical results. Let us show you how to get started.


Equine Facilitated Learning (EFL) is a valuable, unmounted experience with horses where trained facilitators use the horse to provide an opportunity for individual and team growth for our students.  Participants work in teams in a fun and supportive atmosphere, partnered with horses and in the process learn valuable life skills.  EFL brings together powerful elements in a combination that produces results.


The benefits of riding a horse vary from rider to rider.  For the physically impaired, a horse’s walking motion provides for its rider a close approximation of a normal, human walking motion.  For all riders, the physical benefits of horseback riding may include improved balance, coordination, sensory integration and increased motor skills.


A horse's natural environment is the wide outdoors.  At Heart's Haven Ranch, we provide a variety of spaces for our horses to live in.  Corrals range from 40' by 60' to 200' by 200' in size, with a varying number of horses in each one.  Our smallest corral houses three miniature horses, while the largest is designed for a herd of ten.



Each summer at Heart's Haven Ranch we offer camps for kids and adults.  In these camps people can learn about horses, try their hand at horse-painting, play lots of games and enjoy other fun activities.  We have camps for beginners, camps for intermediate riders, and everyone in between.  In some camps we ride in the mountains.  Each camp has a different focus.

2021 Camp Schedule now available!



Horses provide a medium through which deep meaningful change can occur. Self-awareness and metacognition become so easy when a horse becomes your mirror for self-truth. I didn’t have any experience riding or being around horses prior to taking this training and I wondered if that would impact my ability to learn. On the contrary, the experiential learning that the horse provided to tap into my emotions, to access my unconscious and to get to deep root of issues required no riding skill or knowledge of the horse at all.”

— Christina Lawrence MSW, Clinical Social Worker

I want to thank you for an excellent experience in bringing our team to Heart’s Haven Ranch for Equine-Assisted Learning. I found the experience to be most enlightening and edifying. My staff made numerous comments afterwards that they found the experience enjoyable, worthwhile and intriguing. They have all expressed an interest in returning for further sessions to explore more team building and self-realization exercises. Personally, I really enjoyed the close contact with the horses, and felt myself opening up my trust to the horse and to my co-lawyers and staff. I feel this experience has brought us all closer together as a team. Thank you. Your facility is excellent, and I appreciated feeling like I was connected to the earth and to the living beings of the earth. You were both very understandable, friendly and we all appreciated your insights and instructions.”

— Adam O. Letourneau, Letourneau Law

I cannot express in words how Roxy Wright and Heart’s Haven Ranch have helped my family. Four of my children have had time at the ranch, and have benefitted greatly from all they have learned there. For my daughter with Autism it is her most comforting time of the week where she is able to bond with the horses and develop her self worth, while releasing the stress that often builds while away from the ranch. My daughter with severe Global Development Delay has strengthened her body, built bonds with the horse she rides and has developed communication with the horse and Roxy. All of my children have benefitted in so many ways from this amazing program.”

— Barbra Anderson Nickle

Four of our children have had the opportunity to participate in the programs at Heart's Haven Ranch.  Two of the children are on the Autism Spectrum; all four of them deal with anxiety on a daily basis.  I have watched my children grow more confident, and less anxious, both in and out of the arena.


My oldest takes a weekly Emotional Freedom Technique class from Roxy.  This has helped her to work through things that in the past were harder for her to face.  We use the tapping at home as a family and I have noticed that as a family we are less angry and more able to work through things we face on a daily basis.


Heart's Haven Ranch has been a blessing in our lives.  The benefits of time spent at this facility is limitless.


Pierre and Rebecca Dourte

“I am the director of an Alternative School in Fort Macleod. Approximately 17 students took part in the Equine Assisted Learning Leadership for Youth program. The students are 90% First Nation’s descent. The students were cautious at first, but quickly became adept at completing the tasks. I saw incredible growth in timid students. One student in particular, had not spoken a full sentence since he came to us the first of September. By the end of the program, he was confident and could articulate what he had learned. I have several students that have behavior management issues, and it was amazing watching them overcome their frustrations by using new skills. It is impossible to push, force or manipulate a horse! They learned if they were calm, and communicated with the horse in the horse’s language, they were more successful. I saw students experience joy in the round pen, leading horses without a crop or harness...very powerful!

I used this program as part of the CALM curriculum at my school. They completed journal prompts and were insightful in their responses. One student, who has not had much success at school reported in her journal ‘I like being here with the horses...they don’t judge me...they don’t hassle me...and I learn how to manage myself, my partner and the horse.’

The staff is amazing. They create a climate that is the model of inductive learning. They allow the students to figure things out for themselves. They don’t push, they articulate the student’s success in an authentic and positive way. I would use this program again! It covers the curriculum in a way that is real and applicable in life!”

— Karen Krammer, Fort McLeod Outreach School






Heart's Haven Ranch is the premiere provider of Equine-Assisted Learning in Western Canada, through the delivery of innovative, interactive training programs to our clients and community. We are a socially and environmentally-conscious organization.





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